The Song Window
The song window is where you manage all your songs and sets. This window is divided into 3 areas.

On the far right is a list of all the songs available. The associated buttons enable you to create, rename and delete songs. There is also a Big Text check box that if checked, will enlarge the size of the text in the lists.

On the top left of the song window is a list of all the available sets. The buttons here allow you to create and delete sets.

Finally, at the bottom left of the song window is a list of all the songs in the currently selected set.  Here you can add and remove songs, rearrange the order and make the ordering random for the set.


Advanced Operation
Basic Operation
Copyright Mike Warren
The remaining controls are a button and check box for showing songs. In the default mode (Auto Show checked) when you click on a song in the Songs In Set list, it will immediately be shown in the main window. If unchecked, it's necessary to click the Show Song button or press Enter to show the song in the main window.

The way Digital Fake Book works is that you must always have a set selected. For this reason, 2 automatic sets are generated that contain all songs. If you want to use Digital Fake Book without sets, simply choose the All Songs -Alphabetical or All Songs - Random set and you will always have every song available to you.

The song window can be left open at all times if you want. If it's open when you exit Digital Fake Book it will be reopened next time you use the program.