Exporting & Importing
Digital Fake Book includes 2 methods of exporting songs. Firstly, you can export individual songs as text files. You can also export a Digital Fake Book data file that can contain multiple songs for backup or sharing purposes.

Text File Export

Exporting a text file is useful if you want to use a song with another program. To export the currently displayed song as a text file, select Export Song as Text from the Options menu.


It's important that you periodically export a backup of all your songs in case something happens to the main data file. This is made easy with Digital Fake Book's export function.

Select Backup/Export Data File from the Options menu. A window will open which allows you to choose the songs and sets to include in the export. Just remember if you include any sets, you must also include the songs contained in those sets.

Digital Fake Book also includes 2 methods for importing data. The first method is to import a text file as a new song. This is achieved by selecting Import Song From Text from the Options menu.

It is also possible to import a Digital Fake Book data file by selecting Import DFB Data File from the Options menu. You are given the option of merging the new data with your existing data or replacing your data with the imported data.


Advanced Operation
Basic Operation
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Because Digital Fake Book can not have more than one song or set with the same name, any clashing song or set name will have a # character inserted in front of the name.