Apr 062012

Welcome SwallowToday, we visited the Barron River at Kamerunga, looking for a crocodile that had been reported in the area.

Unfortunately,  it was nowhere to be seen, but I did manage to shoot some Welcome Swallows that are nesting in the area. If you watch closely five seconds from the start, you will see a swallow catch a mosquito that ventured too close to its beak.





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  1. I had to rush out and get Mrs GOF in from the smoke house to see this……we don’t have swallows here, but she said there are a lot around Lake Barrine.

  2. Lovely,I’ve always liked swallows,so graceful
    I remember when they used to dip in the pool for a drink

  3. sweet Mike… our swallows down here are different again… the orange is more on their breasts.. and they insist on building their nest in the carport… messy little things. LOL

  4. Very very very good! Your swallows have orangy scarfs. Pretty dandy.

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