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My parents bought me my first movie camera when I was 14, not long after they realised that photography was not just another passing phase. I can't remember the brand, but it was a Russian standard 8mm camera that had to be wound up to operate. Exposure metering was accomplished by a selenium light meter.

This camera had the ability to rewind the film to create a double exposure and I used it to make things appear and disappear. My friend Michael and I started making a SciFi movie that was never finished because we couldn't afford the film, but we did have fun building the sets and models. We started another movie – a spy movie – a couple of years later with a few more friends and a borrowed super 8 camera, and although that project progressed further it suffered the same fate in the end due to lack of budget.


Nov 282011
Panasonic AG-AC130 AG-AC160 AG-HPX250 User Manuals

From the forum. I’m providing a download location for these manuals, sent to me by Jan at Panasonic until Panasonic can get them up on their site. Here is the dvxuser thread.         Panasonic AG-AC130P User Manual Panasonic AG-AC160P/EJ/EN User Manual   I also have the European version of the HPX250 […]

Nov 212011
Cover Songs

Mostly, these cover songs are just simple piano/vocal renditions. Occasionally, I’ll get all enthusiastic and add an extra track or two. There are also a few collaborations I’ve done with other musicians via the Internet. A fair bit of work usually goes into these.