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My parents bought me my first movie camera when I was 14, not long after they realised that photography was not just another passing phase. I can't remember the brand, but it was a Russian standard 8mm camera that had to be wound up to operate. Exposure metering was accomplished by a selenium light meter.

This camera had the ability to rewind the film to create a double exposure and I used it to make things appear and disappear. My friend Michael and I started making a SciFi movie that was never finished because we couldn't afford the film, but we did have fun building the sets and models. We started another movie – a spy movie – a couple of years later with a few more friends and a borrowed super 8 camera, and although that project progressed further it suffered the same fate in the end due to lack of budget.


Jul 142020
New Studio Build - 2020

Two years ago I bought a new (old) house and have been using a small spare bedroom as my studio. I’m now converting the carport into my new studio and building a store room on the side of the house. Twenty years ago I converted the carport in my old house into a studio and […]

Dec 252017
Panasonic AG-UX180 Review

In Brief This review may be too long for some people to read in detail so in a nutshell, my opinion is that the AG-UX180 is a very capable HD camera with an amazing array of features that also happens to do quite a reasonable job at UHD and 4K, albeit with a reduced feature […]

Dec 252017
The Barron River Revisited

I’ve been going through a difficult time over the last few years, but most of that is behind me now. So now it’s time to get back to my Barron River documentary. I’ve set up a Facebook page and website devoted to the documentary and will be getting back into filming as time allows. Due […]

Sep 152014
Lake Mitchell With a Sony HXR-NX3

A friend loaned me his Sony HXR-NX3 for the weekend and I put it though it’s paces at Lake Mitchell, just north of Mareeba. The NX3 has a 20x zoom lens coupled with a 2x digital extender that’s great for wildlife. I was just starting to get used to using it by the time we […]

Mar 072014
Panasonic AJ-PX270 User Manual

The Panasonc AJ-PX270 is currently top of my list. I’m looking forward to seeing some footage from it to see if the picture quality lives up to the listed specs. In particular, the LongG25 and LongG50 formats look like an excellent compromise between quality and file size. The only real down side of this camera […]

Jan 202014
Delicate Balance

David Jones (DJ) from the Kuranda River Boat writes poetry and music when he’s not showing people the wonders of the Barron River. The video below, titled¬†Delicate Balance, is a beautiful musical poem he wrote and recorded about the fragility of our planet’s water system, which I set to some nature images of the Cairns […]

Jan 162014
Sony HXR-NX3 - Sample Files

Sony are about to release a new professional AVCHD camcorder, the HXR-NX3 that has quite a few things on my wish list. Powerful zoom to help getting closer to wildlife. Full manual on dedicated controls (separate focus, zoom and iris). Dual card recording 1080p50 recording Good low light performance, considering the small sensor size, which […]

Feb 122013
Chinese New Year - Cairns 2013

On Saturday, our friends Furune and Ian visited for lunch. Afterwards, we all drove into town to watch the start of the Chinese New Year celebrations for the year of the snake. When we arrived, the Take Five band were playing, then the dragon performance kicked off the traditional Chinese celebrations. Although it was very […]

Nov 142012
Cairns Total Solar Eclipse 2012

14 November 2012 We awoke at 5 o’clock this morning to prepare for an experience of a lifetime; viewing a total solar eclipse. I looked outside and noticed there was quite a lot of heavy cloud around and it was raining lightly. Not a good start for the eclipse which was due to reach totality […]

Oct 172012
Kuranda River Boat

As part of the Barron River documentary project, we visited Kuranda to travel on the Kuranda River Boat last weekend. This was an extremely informative 45 minute cruise from the Kuranda township, near the railway station down river to the weir at the top of the Barron falls. Our guide, Brian gave an interesting and […]