Jun 062012

I set up my camera and timer this morning in the hope of getting a sequence of frames to make a video of Venus transiting the sun. Unfortunately, since I had to work, I kept forgetting to go out and adjust the position to keep the sun in the frame.

As a result, I didn’t get enough continuous frames for a video, so here are a couple of the best shots. Hopefully, it won’t be a work day next time this happens in 2117. I should have better camera gear by then too.


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  1. Quite amazing pictures Mike….and what sort of filter or whatever is required to take photographs of the sun?
    What I find most astonishing is that some smart people know how to predict precisely when this sort of event is going to occur.

    • I used 3 neutral density filters totaling 16 stops of light reduction. Each stop halves the light.
      As for predicting planets, it seems they don’t actually move in a random manner, after all. 🙂

  2. Cool. Thanks.

  3. Cool photos. If Venus were bigger you could turn them into a silly google-eyed T-shirt, sell a million of them and get that better equipment before 2117! 🙂

    Sorry you couldn’t get the video.

    BTW, I almost always type the number in that little box up there in letters. 🙂

    • Thanks Dan. If you log in and check “remember me” you never need to enter anything after that.

  4. What a tiny spot,and we think we are the centre of the universe and we’re not much bigger than Venus.
    But good try,I’m sure you’ll do better next time and I’ll give my praises then too
    You might be retired by that time !!!!

  5. Well… I’ll see you then… let’s see.. I’ll only be 171… yep.. I can do that.. LOL
    Great pics. though bro.

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