Jul 142020
New Studio Build - 2020

Two years ago I bought a new (old) house and have been using a small spare bedroom as my studio. I’m now converting the carport into my new studio and building a store room on the side of the house. Twenty years ago I converted the carport in my old house into a studio and […]

Nov 142014
Panasonic HC-X1000 User Manual

The new HC-X1000, from Panasonic is a camcorder with an impressive set of features for the price. The headline feature is the ability to shoot 4K at 50p and 60p. Having such a high resolution sensor means that when scaled to HD, it produces a very sharp image. For me, this ticks many boxes for […]

May 242014
Noeline Warren's Watercolours

The gallery below is a small sample of some of the watercolour paintings my mother used to create through the late 1990s and early 2000s.   She’s now in her 80s and finds it a bit difficult to paint so has stopped. I used to enjoy seeing her latest creations when visiting.  

Nov 242013
Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade

The Bruce highway was closed for several hours last night for the installation of the main span of a new pedestrian bridge at Anderson Road, Cairns South.  This work is part of the Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade that includes 2 new overpasses to improve traffic flow to the south of the city. Since this was […]

Dec 052011
Painting The Screen

The wooden slat screen outside our front door needed to be repainted. To do the job properly I would need to remove the 18 slats, but there was a problem. The slats had to be refitted in the same position and orientation as they came off. I could write numbers on them, but they would […]