Dec 252017
The Barron River Revisited

I’ve been going through a difficult time over the last few years, but most of that is behind me now. So now it’s time to get back to my Barron River documentary. I’ve set up a Facebook page and website devoted to the documentary and will be getting back into filming as time allows. Due […]

Oct 172012
Kuranda River Boat

As part of the Barron River documentary project, we visited Kuranda to travel on the Kuranda River Boat last weekend. This was an extremely informative 45 minute cruise from the Kuranda township, near the railway station down river to the weir at the top of the Barron falls. Our guide, Brian gave an interesting and […]

Oct 112012
Skyrail - Day 3

We have now completed out third trip on Skyrail filming for the Barron River documentary. This time, we were able to capture the falls at the height of the dry season, showing how raging torrent from a few months ago has dwindled to a trickle.  Even so, the falls are still very pretty, with several […]

Apr 062012
Welcome Swallows

Today, we visited the Barron River at Kamerunga, looking for a crocodile that had been reported in the area. Unfortunately,  it was nowhere to be seen, but I did manage to shoot some Welcome Swallows that are nesting in the area. If you watch closely five seconds from the start, you will see a swallow […]

Mar 252012
Skyrail - Day 2

Our first trip on Skyrail shooting aerial footage of the Barron Falls was successful, even though there was mist on the falls making some of the shots less than ideal. A week later, we had a beautiful, sunny day and Louise and Evan guided us on another trip in the open air gondola. I ended […]

Mar 182012
Skyrail - Day 1

In order to obtain some aerial footage for the Barron River documentary I approached Skyrail for help. We will need to shoot on a few different occasions in order to show different states of the Barron Falls, the river and the rainforest. On Saturday we did the first shoot to capture wet season flooding. I can’t […]

Feb 042012
Capturing The Croc

Update: Both Channel 7 and Channel 10 used my video in their evening news stories about the croc capture. See video at the bottom of the page. On one of our trips to find interesting things to film for the Barron River Documentary on Saturday morning we came across a crocodile trap that had been […]

Dec 052011
The Barron River

About 20 years ago my friend Ivan and I thought we’d like to make a documentary about the Barron River, which flows across the Atherton Tablelands and enters the sea just north of Cairns. We didn’t get very far, partly due to the difficulty in finding detailed information on the river.   A couple of […]