Jan 162014

Sony are about to release a new professional AVCHD camcorder, the HXR-NX3 that has quite a few things on my wish list.SonyHXR-NX3-001

  • Powerful zoom to help getting closer to wildlife.
  • Full manual on dedicated controls (separate focus, zoom and iris).
  • Dual card recording
  • 1080p50 recording
  • Good low light performance, considering the small sensor size, which is still larger than the camera I’m using at the moment.
  • Reasonably priced

I won’t be an early adopter because it doesn’t use a high bit rate recording format, and is not multi-frequency (50/60Hz), two things that I would like to see in my next video camera. It looks like the upcoming Panasonic AJ-PX270 will meet these features, albeit at a much higher price, so I’ll be weighing up the benefits vs price of both.

Download: HXRNX3_op_inst.pdf
Size:4.2 MB – 1,800 downloads

Zulqar Cheema from sonyvegas.co.uk tested a pre-release version and posted a review to YouTube (see below). He has kindly provided me with a few of the original camera files that demonstrate the low light and zoom performance, both of which look very good for a camera in this class.

These files are all 1080i50

Download: 00005_20141215_133452.mts
Size:81.9 MB – 4,857 downloads

Download: 00060_20141214_160632.mts
Size:52.5 MB – 1,557 downloads

Download: 00070_20141214_161658.mts
Size:40.1 MB – 1,497 downloads

Download: 00071_20141214_162408.mts
Size:111.1 MB – 4,555 downloads



  3 Responses to “Sony HXR-NX3 – Sample Files”

  1. nice

  2. Mike, Thanks for making the Operating Guide available, I’ve been trying to get my local supplier to do this for some time now.
    I had a JVC GY-HM600 but returned it after one shoot because all thevarious mics I used kept picking up the noise from the cooling fan! I shoot video on safari on foot so ambient noise is very low and it’s not always possible to use a remote mic (wild animals, weight, trekking distance, etc.). Also the lens kep loosing focus randomly. The supplier did some repairs but couldn’t fix the problem. The cooling fan is a design fault I feel. The JVC had an excellent 23x zoom. Perhaps the HXR-NX3 is a suitable replacement? Any thoughts – low light, record format, etc.? Thanks.

    • I haven’t used the NX3 or the HM600, but based on what I’ve read, and the fact that the NX3 lens is the same one used on several other Sony cameras, I expect the lens will be better than the JVC one. Low light performance is probably very similar between the cameras.

      Noise from cooling fans is often a problem with modern video cameras. A shotgun mic on suspension might help there. Something like the Rode VideoMic.

      If you can swing the extra, the new Panasonic AJ-PX270 looks very nice for a 1/3″ camera.

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