Mar 252012

Our first trip on Skyrail shooting aerial footage of the Barron Falls was successful, even though there was mist on the falls making some of the shots less than ideal.

A week later, we had a beautiful, sunny day and Louise and Evan guided us on another trip in the open air gondola. I ended up with over 20 minutes of footage, not only of the falls, but also shots gliding over the rainforest.

Barron Falls from Skyrail        Mike filming from the open air Skyrail gondola

At Red Peak station we walked along the boardwalk to a lookout, where we had a clear view of Surprise Creek Falls and the rail bridge. I also filmed a a giant Kauri tree and a Golden Orb Web spider eating lunch.

Like last time, after we got back to Caravonica, we drove to Kuranda to shoot the falls from the Kuranda lookout in order to get matching shots from the other side.

While in Kuranda, we took the opportunity to distribute some flyers asking for help in locating wildlife within the Barron catchment area.

Thanks again to Skyrail, and Louise and Evan  for making our day of shooting a pleasant and successful one.

  4 Responses to “Skyrail – Day 2”

  1. Another nice video. Like Diane says, must be more fun than putting up gutters – although the majesty of the scenery grabs you by the gut, if you’ll pardon the lame pun! 🙂

    I’m glad Skyrail was so nice to you!

  2. wow… that has to beat putting up the guttering.. LOL

    Gosh… you have to love the rainy season.. even if it was late this year. *smiles*

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