Mar 182012

In order to obtain some aerial footage for the Barron River documentary I approached Skyrail for help.

Barron Falls from SkyrailWe will need to shoot on a few different occasions in order to show different states of the Barron Falls, the river and the rainforest. On Saturday we did the first shoot to capture wet season flooding.

I can’t praise Skyrail  highly enough for the job they did looking after us. Louise and Evan went to a great deal of effort to give us the best chance of good footage. The only thing they couldn’t control was the weather. The day was quite wet, which meant a lot of mist on the falls. I shot some “safety footage”, which will be usable if I don’t manage to get anything better, but we will need to return again while the falls are still in flood if I’m to get a clearer view for the documentary.

Skyrail gondolaSkyrail is divided into 2 sections. We travelled in a standard gondola for the first section from Caravonica to Red Peak, and then we switched to the media carriage. This is an open air gondola, and we had to wear harnesses for safety, but it gave complete freedom for filming. Fortunately, the rain held off during this leg of the trip.

Once we arrived in Kuranda, Louise and Evan left us to guide another group and we rode a standard gondola back to Caravonica, stopping at the Barron Falls and Red Peak stations.

We decided to drive back to Kuranda to visit the Barron Falls lookout and get some shots from the other side of the falls in similar weather conditions. It started raining heavily just as we were finishing so we ended up getting quite wet on the walk back to the car.

We arrived home drenched, but we had a great day. Thank you Skyrail.

 Skyrail – The Barron Falls In Flood

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  1. Just shows what a fabulous ride you get on the Skyrail. I’ve done it a couple of times but only in the dry season. Your video shows it’s also a great trip in the rainy season!

  2. Spectacular!

  3. Good start Mike… love the music too.
    Thanks for sharing this site.. now I can keep up with what you are doing. LOL

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