Feb 192012

The Queen Mary 2 Visits Cairns

On Sunday, Roz and I decided to get up early and see if we could get some video and photos of the Queen Mary 2 liner on its one-day visit to Cairns.

Due to the shallow waters around Cairns, the QM2 couldn’t make it into the port and instead had to anchor off Yorkeys Knob, one of Cairns’ northern beaches. The Yorkeys Knob boat ramp was closed to the public to allow the tenders and other boats to ferry passengers to and from the shore. Even though it’s the wet season, the weather stayed fine for them most of the day, but a storm moved in as the ship was almost ready to depart at around 6pm. This created an interesting light around the ship, but we had to leave before she departed as the weather was starting to get too rough for the camera gear, and the light was failing.

Queen Mary 2 in the morning

Queen Mary 2 in the afternoon

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  1. Dear Mike,

    I just wanted to ask you if you knew about the Canon XA10 video camera. I am going to Singapore soon and am hoping to buy that video camera. Have you heard anything about that video camera?
    Do you use Canon as part of your equipment?

    I hope I am not being a nuisance here.


    • I’ve never used an XA10, but I’ve heard lots of good things about them. The only thing that stops me being interested in it is the 10x lens. For nature, a much longer reach is needed. Of course, a teleconvertor can be added, but good ones are quite expensive.

  2. Mike, I am going to post my attempt at showing the visit of Queen Mary on youtube. As stated previously I am a rank amateur. I hope to follow yourfoosteps one day.

  3. The video is just great! Captured it well and was most enjoyable. I am a rank amateur video fan and admire your work. I must try to improvve myself in video. Thanks for the video. One can learn from your work.

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