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I obtained my first 35mm camera at age 14; a Braun Paxette that had belonged to my grandfather. I took to photography instantly and it wasn't long before I had a single lens reflex camera and a black & white darkroom. My interest waned a bit during the 90s and early 2000s, but was renewed with vigour when digital photography became affordable. Most of the photos here are from the digital era, but there is the occasional photo from my early days interspersed.


Jul 142020
New Studio Build - 2020

Two years ago I bought a new (old) house and have been using a small spare bedroom as my studio. I’m now converting the carport into my new studio and building a store room on the side of the house. Twenty years ago I converted the carport in my old house into a studio and […]

Mar 312014
Ravenshoe Heritage Steam Railway

On Sunday we travelled to Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tableland to take a trip on the Ravenshoe Heritage Steam Railway This steam train, lovingly restored and operated by a team of local volunteers, makes a leisurely 7 km trip from Ravenshoe to Tumoulin most Sundays. One of the ways funds are raised to keep the […]

Jun 152013
Morning Rainforest Sounds

We recently visited the Cathedral Fig Tree near Lake Tinaroo on the Atherton Tablelands before dawn, primarily so I could record some morning rainforest noises. Just before dawn, the rainforest is a cacophony of noise as the various birds all compete to be heard. I’ve posted a 17 minute sample with a downloadable mp3 file. […]

Nov 142012
Cairns Total Solar Eclipse 2012

14 November 2012 We awoke at 5 o’clock this morning to prepare for an experience of a lifetime; viewing a total solar eclipse. I looked outside and noticed there was quite a lot of heavy cloud around and it was raining lightly. Not a good start for the eclipse which was due to reach totality […]

Jun 252012
Cairns Model Aero Club

My friend Simon likes to fly model helicopters, and the club he belongs to had an open day last Saturday. Several members form the Mareeba club also made the trip down to Cairns for the day.   Here’s a short video I put together from the hour or so of footage I shot on the […]

Jun 062012

I set up my camera and timer this morning in the hope of getting a sequence of frames to make a video of Venus transiting the sun. Unfortunately, since I had to work, I kept forgetting to go out and adjust the position to keep the sun in the frame. As a result, I didn’t […]

Apr 092012

The alarm went off. Morning already? 4:30am. Time to grab some toast and coffee before packing the photo gear into the car. We were about to drive to Daintree and Cape Tribulation, about two and a half hours north of home. We hadn’t been there for over a year, and since we had a free […]

Mar 112012
Photography Basics - Part 1 - Exposure

This series of articles attempts to explain some of the nuts and bolts of photography for people who want to get past the auto mode on their camera and gain more control over their photographs. I’ll be glossing over or sometimes completely ignoring some of the more advanced aspects in the interest of brevity. Photography […]

Feb 192012
Queen Mary 2

On Sunday, Roz and I decided to get up early and see if we could get some video and photos of the Queen Mary 2 liner on its one-day visit to Cairns.