Nov 282011

AG-HPX250From the forum.

I’m providing a download location for these manuals, sent to me by Jan at Panasonic until Panasonic can get them up on their site. Here is the dvxuser thread.





Panasonic AG-AC130P User Manual

Download: AG-AC130P_OpsManual_1.pdf
Size:3.2 MB – 1,476 downloads

Download: AG-AC130P_OpsManual_2.pdf
Size:10.0 MB – 1,526 downloads

Panasonic AG-AC160P/EJ/EN User Manual

Download: AG-AC160PEJEN_OpsManual_1.pdf
Size:3.8 MB – 1,721 downloads

Download: AG-AC160PEJEN_OpsManual_2.pdf
Size:10.7 MB – 1,750 downloads


I also have the European version of the HPX250 manuals.

Panasonic AG-HPX250EJ User Manual

Download: AG-HPX250EJ_OpsManual_1.pdf
Size:3.5 MB – 1,328 downloads

Download: AG-HPX250EJ_OpsManual_2.pdf
Size:12.0 MB – 1,259 downloads


  6 Responses to “Panasonic AG-AC130 AG-AC160 AG-HPX250 User Manuals”

  1. model no- vgn 2b41 160 manuals plz send tha picture quality manuals

  2. Thanks, Mike.

  3. I still cannot locate the US version of the AG-HPX250 owners manual – am I wrong to think the European version would suffice? Thanks for sharing!

    • I expect the difference is likely to be very minor, perhaps slightly different accessories will be supplied with the US version. Operation should be identical.

  4. Thanks for this excellent service Mike!!!

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