Cover Song Videos

Cover Song Videos
Here are a few videos of cover songs I’ve made.

Jul 142020
New Studio Build - 2020

Two years ago I bought a new (old) house and have been using a small spare bedroom as my studio. I’m now converting the carport into my new studio and building a store room on the side of the house. Twenty years ago I converted the carport in my old house into a studio and […]

Aug 122016
Digital Fake Book - Version 2 Beta

There have been some major changes in my life over the last couple of years and work on Digital Fake Book had come to a standstill, but over the last few months I’ve been working on version 2 as time has allowed. I’ve decided to skip some of the planned features for the moment in […]

Feb 022012
Comfortably Numb

In 2010 I got together over the Internet with four other YouTube musicians to create a collaboration video. We decided to perform a cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb from the 1979 album The Wall. The plan was to put us all together on the same virtual stage, even though we were all in completely […]

Nov 282011
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Keyboard Corner Compilation CDs

The members of Keyboard Magazine’s Keyboard Corner Forum sometimes create compilation CDs in order to learn from each other. The CD files are available free for any members of the forum, but due to copyright can not be accessed by people who are not members of the forum. Please contact me by private message on […]

Nov 222011
Digital Fake Book

Free Chord Lyric Software for Windows® Jazz and rock musicians often play from chord and lyric sheets instead of sheet music. I wrote this simple Windows program to replace the printed chord sheets I used to use during practice, and decided to make it available for anyone else who may find it useful. Digital Fake […]

Nov 212011
Cover Songs

Mostly, these cover songs are just simple piano/vocal renditions. Occasionally, I’ll get all enthusiastic and add an extra track or two. There are also a few collaborations I’ve done with other musicians via the Internet. A fair bit of work usually goes into these.