Oct 092012

Lulu turned 13 today. She’s still going quite well for an old girl, and that’s pretty good going considering most miniature Schnauzers only make it to 12. We gave her a special doggie birthday cake which she loved.

Happy Birthday, Lulu!

  6 Responses to “Lulu’s 13th Birthday”

  1. More cake.. yes… but more candles… ohhh… no.. that would show her age.. it’s bad enough that Mike has shouted it to the world. LOL

  2. Happy Birthday to Lulu, but I’d like to guess what she’s thinking in photo #2. “Surely after 13 years I deserve a slightly larger cake and eleven more candles.”

  3. Good looking Lulu, Hope I look as good when I’m 117
    Lovely photos too

  4. Happy Birthday to Lulu.Her eye’s are looking cloudy.show her age a

  5. She’s looking good Mike..

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