Sep 152014

Filming a termite nest with the Sony HXR-NX3

A friend loaned me his Sony HXR-NX3 for the weekend and I put it though it’s paces at Lake Mitchell, just north of Mareeba.

The NX3 has a 20x zoom lens coupled with a 2x digital extender that’s great for wildlife. I was just starting to get used to using it by the time we needed to start heading back home, but I did manage to capture a few birds.




Edit: Here’s a totally different view of Lake Mitchell on the following weekend, after a heavy morning fog.

  5 Responses to “Lake Mitchell With a Sony HXR-NX3”

  1. loved the one you put on youtube also… loved the webs.. if not the spiders. LOL

  2. Lovely Mike… loved your commentry and the pics. I must get Andrew to take me there next time we are up that way.

  3. A bit of a masterpiece, in my opinion. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Are you going to sell these productions? Doesn’t get any more pro than that.
    Cheers from Elba!

    • Thanks Napoleon. Yes, everyone who watches it will receive an invoice for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Yours will be waiting for you when you get back home.

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