Oct 172012

As part of the Barron River documentary project, we visited Kuranda to travel on the Kuranda River Boat last weekend. This was an extremely informative 45 minute cruise from the Kuranda township, near the railway station down river to the weir at the top of the Barron falls. Our guide, Brian gave an interesting and very informative commentary about the river’s history and ecology. He went out of his way to look after us and we were even lucky enough to spot a few freshwater crocodiles. These normally shy animals have grown used to the regular passing of the river boat and don’t take a lot of notice. Thank you Brian, for helping make our day a productive one.


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  1. Surely it would have to have been more than ONE crocodile !!!!
    Or are we looking at an alien breed ??

  2. There was a rumor that someone in Atherton had a pet croc. and it got away into the river system.. maybe that’s it. 🙂

  3. I’d never heard about this cruise…..someone should advertise it more widely.
    I’m wondering how the crocs originally got there. (‘God did it’ = unacceptable answer) 🙂
    The other inland waterways above such enormous waterfalls don’t seem to have crocs……I’m wondering if the hand of man might have been involved?

    • I think they find a way, over a very large number of years to move along various streams and end up in places where there is a good food supply.

  4. Looks like a restful cruise,and much nicer crocs than the Salties

  5. That’s great Mike! How about a map for us poor folks in the US. lol

  6. Lovely Mike… you keep giving me these things to do next time I come up. LOL

    I’m sending this link to Andrew.. being an Atherton boy he will enjoy this. 🙂

    Is one allowed to kayak on the river??

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