Aug 082012

August 2012

A new update to Digital Fake Book is now available. This update adds the ability for the second COM port foot switch to start and stop MP3 file playback. It also fixes a bug with remembering the window position when Digital Fake Book is used on a non-primary monitor.



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  1. when I try to down add a link to a media , I am gettiing an error message
    Error loading media
    Pins cannot connect due to not supporting the same transport ($80040266)
    Can you help me?

  2. I’ve just discovered your program and I love it. I am having trouble with the portable program, when I download it I do not see the .exe. file. I am doing something wrong. I realy could use the ability to have the pragram on an
    external memory. Thanks for your work.

    • Extract the contents of the zip file using the standard Windows function and you will see an executable called DigitalFakebookPortable.exe in the folder. Just run that. If you’re running strong security you may have to give it permission to execute DigitalFakebook.exe.

  3. How do I change font size in Digital Fakebook so I can read the lyrics more easily. thank you

    • The font size is automatically set unless you switch off “Auto Text Scaling” in the Options menu. Then, you can set the text size with the F3 and F4 keys. Remember to save the song (Ctrl+S) after setting the font size.

  4. Very interesting – I’d like to understand if there is a scroll mode, preferably controlled via footswitch..

    • No scroll mode, as that is not compatible with the current architecture, but there is a multi-page mode in the new version 2 I’m working on at the moment.

      Pages can be changed with a foot switch, without the mp3 file stopping. It will also be possible to set an auto page change at various points of mp3 file playback.

  5. I heard about this software on the Reaper forums. I have been trying to setup a way of playing some live gigs and this works great. I’ve muted out acoustic guitars and main vocals of the songs I have covered and produced and bounced them to my laptop HD as MP3’s. I linked them to the corresponding lyric page in DFB and they play as the backing tracks while I play acoustic guitar and sing the main vocal part. This is fantastic. Thanks a ton.


  6. Mike you program is fantastic. I know you have tons of request for future updates so I thought I would add my request to the many you already have.
    I am a gigging musician and when I have to leave the playlist list that I am in to play a request. I then must return to the nightly playlist that I am using. Would it be possible to make a change that would return you to the song you were playing when you left the playlist to play a requested song. The reason I asked this is in a previous scrolling site I used it would do this when you returned nightly playlist. This would allow the musician to move seamlessly back to where he or she was prior to playing a requested song.
    I love you program…………you are the man! Many thanks for everything you do.

    • I’m not quite sure how that would work. I guess something like a browser “back” button, but that might be confusing for some users.

      If you are able to tell me (probably email is better) step by step how you would envisage this working I can add it to the list, as long as it can be done without decreasing usability for those who wouldn’t use the feature.

      • Love the concept of this program but haven’t used it John’s comment what about a link outside that he could type the request into a search box? Just asking!?

  7. Hi Mike… just found your awesome program and started playing with it last night with my laptop. I also saw a lot of questions on the forums regarding scrolling which would allow larger text for us older folks without running out of screen space. Perhaps the scrolling could be married to the beats per minute function where the number of beats per song could be adjusted. This way, the beats per minute would set the speed and the beats per song would set the length of scroll. Just a thought… At this point, I’ll play with the program as is and look forward to the scrolling function in later versions. Thanks for this awesome program and for making the effort to share.


    • Because there’s no fixed structure to songs in DFB a BPM based scroll won’t work. The way I plan to do it is to link scrolling points to a time line. That way it can be synchronized to a media file or otherwise have the speed adjusted if required.

  8. great looking and much needed software idea. what exactly won’t word in an iMac? Thank you!

    • Digital Fake Book is a Windows program. The programming language I used to write DFB is unable to create Mac programs (or anything other than Windows programs).

      I’ve been told it can be installed on a Mac using a program called WineBottler, but mp3 playback and the metronome don’t work.

  9. Hi Mike:
    I am glad you used my idea for a second foot switch for mp3 file play back. I was using the digital Fake book the other day and while I was inputting the chords for the song I was working on. I thought that It might be a nice idea when the cursor is highlighting the chord name a little box appears next to it with the fingering on the guitar fret board. there are lots of guitar fret board fonts out there that could be used for this idea.

  10. Any way to customize the theme? Black background and bright green text?

    • Unfortunately, not at the moment. User customizable colours are on the list for a later version.

  11. I’m considering purchasing a Tablet Computer using Android . Would I be able to use Digital Fakebook 1.9.7. on it?



  12. How do I increase text size in body of song words?

    • First, make sure “Auto Text Scaling” is switched off. You’ll see that option when you click the “Options” button.

      Then, it’s just a case or clicking the text size buttons, or press F4 to increase and F3 to decrease the size.

  13. Absolutely fantastic work. I am a perfomer who has been looking for a lyrics book and here I am with this brilliant piece of software. Hats off to you.. Would it be possible to have a option change text color for selected pieces of text since the notation could be clearly differentiated.

    Is there a DONATE box somewhere.

    THX ……..

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