Oct 192014

This is an update about the status of version 2 of Digital Fake Book.  Normally, I wouldn’t post anything until a new version is ready, but I have mentioned in email replies to several people in the last month or so that a new version was imminent.

Because the new (unnamed) program I’ve been working on is still going to require a huge amount of work to get where I want it, I have shelved to idea for the moment. Instead, I am adding as many of the user requested features as I can work into the current architecture to a version 2 of Digital Fake Book.

During development of version 2, there has been a bit of scope creep, which has required a complete redesign of the data storage format, so this release will be a little later than I planned. I also need to completely rewrite the documentation, a job I’m not looking forward to.

I expect version 2 to be available in about 3 or 4 weeks.


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  1. Mike I have discovered 2 minor yet persistent bugs in DFB
    When I go to the menu to “Clear Divider On All Single Page Songs…” I ALWAYS get at least one changed, and sometimes 9 or 10. It matters not that I have done the same thing the day or even minutes before. Always one at least.
    When I add songs to the library, the count of songs does not change until I export then import the DFB file. Then the correct count shows.
    These are both very minor glitches in an otherwise wonderful program which I use almost daily.

  2. Mike,
    V beta will expire on Nov 7, 2018.
    If the next release version is not yet available, could we please have at least a renewal of the same version?
    I depend on the program!

  3. Any news on the upcoming update, and will there be a printout function available ?

    Kind regards,

    • My wife has had 3 surgeries over the last 9 months. Between looking after her and taking on extra work to pay the medical bills, I haven’t had time to work on DFB. Looks like the most recent surgery will be fix, so there’s a reasonable chance I will be able to get back to DFB in another month or so.

      Printing is on the list, but will not be in the initial V2 release.

      • Mike,

        Please give an email address where PayPal donations may be made. I’d like to help you with the expenses with the selfish goal of giving you more time to get Digi-Fake 2 out the door!

        Im sure many more here would be anxious and happy to do the same.

        This offer is NOT CHARITY! I’t’s paying you to do something for the already appreciative Digital Fakebook Community.

        Please consider this offer carefully.

        Yours in Music
        John “Johnny Big-Bad” Wolfe

        • Hi John,

          At this point, if I’d been accepting donations, I would feel compelled to get V2 out ASAP, which would be at great cost to my sanity.

          I know there are a few of you waiting desperately for V2, but I’ve only ever had a handful of people offer to donate since I started writing DFB about 8 years ago. Getting donations would make it feel like a job to me, and there aren’t enough users to remotely cover the hours it takes if it was a job.

          I’m sorry for the delay.


  4. Hi
    Just wanted to check how things are goin’ with the Fakebook V2!
    I’ve just recently started to use V1.97 and started to like it when I noticed there was a new version in the pipes!
    A new version is always a new version and thats what we like. 🙂
    I hope your “family medical problems” are starting to get sorted out.
    Best wishes…

    • Still ongoing. Roz goes back in for more surgery next Wednesday. V2 will come, I just don’t know when at this stage.

      • Just came out the other end of a ❤ attack myself, Mike..so can feel for you and Roz..also will pray and would like to suggest you getting on Kickstarter or? to produce your new Fakebook! All the best. Silvermane Wesleyjohn

  5. How is the new version coming along. I have been looking through a wide variety of lyric software and agree that even your older versions are fantastic. Unfortunately I am holding off before I build up.

    Can you tell us if there will be an easy “Import” and update feature if we are using the old version?

    Also very happy to pay for your hard work. When are we to expect V2?

    • Yes, importing V1 data will be easy (automatic for the installed version or if you use the same folder on the portable version).

      As for the timing, there is significant delay due to family medical problems that started in November and needing to take on extra work to pay medical bills. I have absolutely no free time at the moment, and probably for the next couple of months at least until I can get back to it.

      Sorry for the delay.

  6. I too eagerly await your new release. I’ve been using the software for a couple of years on stage and really depend on it. It does (almost) everything I need.
    I also would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for it.

  7. I use nothing else. Looking forward to version two. You must charge for your work or at least accept donations.

  8. Great to hear looking forward to it

  9. Im a new user of DFB. I love what you have so far and cant wait for this update.
    Fantastic work Mike.

  10. I am very expectantly awaiting V.2! Please do not hesitate to charge for your work.

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