Jun 152012

June 2012


I just discovered a bug in 1.9.3 released yesterday. The new text highlighting feature introduced a situation that could occasionally cause Digital Fake Book to become unresponsive when a button was clicked.

Sorry about that. Programmers make the worst testers of our own software. If anyone wants to volunteer as a beta tester for the next release, please let me know.

1.9.4 can be downloaded from the Digital Fake Book page.


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  1. Mike
    Last week i upgraded to Dig Fake Book 1.9.4 portable. previously i had just Dig Fake Book …1.9.3
    I started noticing some problems…ie ..multiple songs in the ALL SONGS list within the SONG Window.
    When i say multiples i mean 10 – 15 multiple song names had been added …to the ALL SONGS LIST .
    Then of course i wanted to remove all but one of the multiples ..and this resulted in most of the songs removed from the song list and DataBase …
    …i love DIG FAKE BOOK ..The only prev problem i had with 1.9.3 was saving text size ….

    I have now uninstalled DFB 1.9.4 portable …completely .any thoughts before i re – install?

    Mike L

    • There is only one scenario I can think of that might cause duplicates, and that’s a corrupt database file. The problem is that the duplicates aren’t really duplicates, just phantoms of a single song, so as soon as you delete any of them you will be deleting all of them.

      Is it possible for you to email your DfbSongData.dat file to me?

      Whatever happened, I don’t believe it is to do with 1.9.4 specifically. I didn’t touch the db section between 1.9.3 and 1.9.4. But there were some changes for 1.9.3.

    • “multiple songs in the ALL SONGS list within the SONG Window”

      I’ve just fixed a bug that may explain this and should be able to release it in a day or 2.

      In the mean time, don’t delete or rename any songs.

  2. I volunteer to beta test

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