Jun 142012

June 2012

I’ve just released an update to my freeware program Digital Fake Book. This release addresses the bugs I’m aware of, adds any new feature requests that don’t require major redesign, and adds a number of small cosmetic and usability enhancements.

Version 1.9.3 1.9.4 Main Changes:

  • The metronome has been redesigned. It’s now built into Digital Fake Book rather than run as a separate program. The new metronome should be more stable on a greater number of systems.
  • Text highlighting. Any lines of text in a song can be highlighted by right clicking on the line and choosing Highlight Line. The actual colour of a highlighted line is determined by the theme in use.
  • A second foot switch can now be wired to the COM port to enable selecting the previous song as well as the next song. See the documentation for the specific wiring details. Note that although the new wiring is different, the old wiring is still supported if you already have a single foot switch.
  • A time counter has been added to the media file player.
  • The media play position indicator has been redesigned to solve a couple of bugs the old one had.
  • The help documentation has been improved. (See it here).
  • The auto text sizing bug has been fixed.
  • Dialog windows  have been redesigned to be more informative.
  • New songs can be created with a single page. This function simply sets the page divider as far right as it can go.
  • Exporting single songs as text files now automatically creates a default file name from the name of the song.
  • It’s now possible to specify which songs and sets will be included in a data backup/export.
  • Several changes have been made to the song list window.
    • It’s no longer modal and can be kept open at all times if desired.
    • The text in the lists can be made larger by checking the Big Text check box.
    • Multiple sets or songs can be deleted at once by multi-selecting (using ctrl or shift).
    • The width of the song list window can be adjusted.
    • Songs can be renamed from within the song list window.
    • The song list window now remembers its position and size between runs. It can also be dragged to a second monitor.
    • If the song list window is open when the Digital Fake Book is closed, it’s automatically reopened when the program is next run.
    •  It is now optional to immediately display a song as soon as it’s selected in the song window. See the new check box and button called Show Song.

As usual, make sure you back up your data before updating.

Please let me know if you find any bugs.

Digital Fake Book can be downloaded here.


  19 Responses to “Digital Fake Book 1.9.3 Update”

  1. G’Day Mike, Great program, f9 and f 10 have stopped doing their thing, f9 now shuts the program down and f10 brings up project, all was working fine until just lately, any ideas regards Dave Kirk

    • Hi Dave, Which version are you using? If it’s version 2 beta, then probably your DfbKeys.cfg file is corrupted.

      If it’s version 1.9.x then the shortcuts are hard coded so the only thing I can think of is that your function keys are switched to an alternate mode. That’s quite common now days.

      If you can’t work it out, send me an email and I’ll send you a program that can test that.

  2. Hello, great program! i just was wondering, my win 10 laptop does not have a com port on it. it it possible to advance to the next song via midi? thanks.

    • Hi Joshua. That is not currently possible, but that’s a good suggestion to look at adding to version 2. Do you envisage assigning a couple of notes as next song/previous song?

      In the meantime, USB COM ports are quite cheap and the couple I’ve tried worked for me.

      • Yes, i wanted to assign either a cc or a note to advance to the next song. that way it could be done either with a footpedal or automation. thanks for responding! il look into a usb com in the meantime. keep up the good work man!

  3. Hello
    I have downloaded DFB but my tablet says cant open file ? any ideas

    • What type of tablet is it? DFB only works on full Windows machines, which I’m not aware of any tablets running.

  4. Hello
    I have read so much about DFB I purchased a tablet (Android) but it cant open the file any ideas
    Kind Regards

  5. Hi Mike,i have been using DFB for a few years now and i think its the best thing since sliced bread.however lately i have noticed every now and then a song dissappears from it and i have to search the web and copy and paste it again.any idea whats happening. thanks again.

    • Hi Derek, I’ve not had anyone else report a problem like that. The only 2 reasons I can think of for individual songs to disappear is if you forget to save a new song, or if you accidentally press the delete key while in the song window. The problem with either of those possibilities is that you should get a confirmation before the deletion occurs.

      • Thanks for the reply Mlke,I had the songs for several weeks if not months before the disappeared.Ihadnt opened the latest one for a long time and remembered it but when I looked it was gone.anyway it’s not a big problem.thanks again.

        • Very odd. I assume you’re running 1.9.7?

          Version 2 is [hopefully] going through the last round of testing at the moment and I’m starting on the documentation and demo videos shortly.

  6. The program is great. I use for singing my songs. I would like to colour the chords is there some way to do this

    thank you.

  7. Hi Mike. Thank you soooooo much for DFB. You are a wonderful person to offer this free program for musicians. I’m an older man now but still enjoy performing. Thanks to you I no longer have to carry several music books to the gig. I simply bring my laptop and find music and lyrics instantly. I am very grateful to you.
    Best Wishes,
    A. Joseph Vono

  8. Love this thing!! Really wish you had an android version 😉 Just saying… Any hope!? Txs!

  9. Mike,
    Have enjoyed dfb for years and continue to appreciate your contribution to music.
    Im trying to find someone’s recipe for putting DFB on a mac. does anyone spell out the process?
    I understand that I alone am responsible for the outcome.

  10. Awesome your a champ now if we can get scrolling text happening we will be in heaven 🙂

  11. Hi Mike,

    And the opening of the song in a separate window that allows this to be put on a second screen ?


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