Jan 202014

M20110425103900-webDavid Jones (DJ) from the Kuranda River Boat writes poetry and music when he’s not showing people the wonders of the Barron River.

The video below, titled¬†Delicate Balance, is a beautiful musical poem he wrote and recorded about the fragility of our planet’s water system, which I set to some nature images of the Cairns area.

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  1. Mike Phil Zill sent me the contact Delicate Balance MMMMMMMMAAAAAATE brilliant. THANK YOU

  2. How poignant.. and how hard it is to tread that balance.. when you sent this to me.. above it on my page was a video of the Japanese culling of the dolphins. For all their delicate cultural things.. art.. flower arrangements.. they have work boots on when it comes to the earth and the balance.

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