Apr 092012

The alarm went off. Morning already? 4:30am. Time to grab some toast and coffee before packing the photo gear into the car. We were about to drive to Daintree and Cape Tribulation, about two and a half hours north of home. We hadn’t been there for over a year, and since we had a free Daintree ferry ticket valid over Easter, this was a good time to make the trip.


We stopped at Rex lookout, near Wangetti Beach to watch the sun rise. The sun came up behind some clouds on the horizon creating magnificent sun rays above and below the clouds.

Farmland Near Newall Beach. As we headed further north, into the rainforest, the sky became more cloudy.

View of Snapper Island from the Alexandra Range lookout on the Cape Tribulation road.

A fallen tree lies across the beach at Cow Bay.

This Strangler Fig is all that remains after the host tree has long ago died and rotted away.

Struck Island.

Standing on a mound in a playground, we photographed a sugar cane field in front of the rainforest at Mossman.

Mist on the hills behind a farm in Daintree.

Cow Bay, off the Cape Tribulation road, just north of the Daintree ferry crossing.

M20120408_115544-webA boardwalk through the mangrove swamp at the Maardja Botanical Walk, south of Cape Tribulation Beach.

Many plants have developed clever ways of getting to the sunlight in the rainforest.

Roz photographs Struck Island, off Thornton Beach.

This video was filmed on the Dubuji boardwalk, near Myall Beach. The Spider was hanging above the boardwalk, just above head height. At the other end of the boardwalk I came across a Red-Bellied Black Snake feeding on a lizard.

  8 Responses to “Daintree”

  1. They are awesome pictures of the spider and the snake eating the lizard. Congratulations Mike.
    I have recently been to Mossman Gorge and wishing ever since to get the chance to go back
    and visit Daintree and Cape Tribulation one day. As I am 71 I won’t want to leave it too
    long, will I.

    • Thanks Ross. It’s a lovely area. We’re actually planning to head back up there over Christmas and make use of our free ferry pass.

  2. Fabulous photographs….it is a beautiful part of the world.
    How amazing to find the snake feeding…..we’ve got lots of them around here but never in 30 years have i ever seen one eating anything.

  3. Wow! Awesome video (and great photos!). We don’t often see lizard-eating snakes in these parts. 🙂

  4. Lovely photos too,espacially the clouds
    Is that a snake curled around the tree ?
    Got a bit too close the nasties for my liking

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