Feb 122013

ChineseNewYear2013CairnsOn Saturday, our friends Furune and Ian visited for lunch. Afterwards, we all drove into town to watch the start of the Chinese New Year celebrations for the year of the snake.

When we arrived, the Take Five band were playing, then the dragon performance kicked off the traditional Chinese celebrations. Although it was very hot,we had a great day, with the performers doing an excellent job of entertaining the estimated 10,000+ strong crowd.


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  1. Good work Mike. You had the right spot to view the entertainment in the tent…..I missed most of that while I was getting cooked by the sun trying to find a vantage point in front. Next year I’m taking a hat.
    I like your inclusion of the guy with the woven coconut-front hat….there certainly were a lot of ‘characters’ wandering around in the crowd.

  2. Excellent. You can see it’s very hot. People are moving slowly. Can’t imagine what hot means, though. I guess it means your feet start to burn when your soles dissolve, instead of freezing off.

  3. Loved the white ‘dog’… There’s not a big Chinese community up there.. is there? I noticed quite a few european looking actors in among the acts… still.. would have loved to have been there myself.. haven’t seen anything like that here.. maybe next year. LOL

    • This is the first time I’ve seen it live, too. It will be good to see you, but I’m not sure this time of the year would be most pleasant for you. The days are either very hot or very wet (or both).

      • too true Mike… maybe you can talk them into having their new year next year in June. LOL
        See you in June/July this year. XX

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