Feb 042012

Update: Both Channel 7 and Channel 10 used my video in their evening news stories about the croc capture. See video at the bottom of the page.

On one of our trips to find interesting things to film for the Barron River Documentary on Saturday morning we came across a crocodile trap that had been set by National Parks to catch a nuisance crocodile on the river.

Normally, crocs are left alone, but will be relocated when they begin to pose a risk to humans by coming too close to populated areas. This croc had made its home at Kamerunga, on the Barron river close to where people often fish, so it had to go before it injured or killed someone.

The trap is 4 metres long and the croc was quite a bit longer. I estimate its size to be 4.6 to 4.8 metres in length. A close look revealed that it has had a pretty rough life; many teeth were missing and it had an old, quite nasty injury on its right front leg, probably from a fight with another croc.

The National Parks rangers took about 30 minutes to load the trap containing the crocodile onto a trailer to be carted away to a new life, possibly at a crocodile farm.

Photo by Roz


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  1. Great video Mike…

  2. So you found me out huh? 🙂

  3. BTW, “has” means both had and have. Yessir, it really does!

    • BTW, “has” means both had and have. Yessir, it really does!

      I assumed you were just going for a LOLCats style. 🙂

  4. Cool!! I has every confidence you’d make it in this business. 🙂

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