Jun 252012

My friend Simon likes to fly model helicopters, and the club he belongs to had an open day last Saturday. Several members form the Mareeba club also made the trip down to Cairns for the day.

Unfortunately, Simon was out of town working so he couldn’t go,  but Roz and I went along to have a go at photographing and videoing the very fast moving planes. There was a wide range of different models and some very skilled pilots which made the day most interesting.

Catching the planes and helicopters as they whizzed past was quite a challenge and I ended up with a lot of video of empty sky.

There were also a few multicopters being flown, some with on-board cameras, but the most impressive were the jets. They smelled and sounded just like the real thing and I could feel the heat from the engine from quite some distance away.

The Cairns Model Aero Club are trying to convince the City Council to offer them some land to fly from so they don’t need to rely on the generosity of a farmer to allow them to use some of his land periodically. They need a place where they can fly whenever the weather conditions are favorable.










Here’s a short video I put together from the hour or so of footage I shot on the day.

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-5HBHL-fL8&feature=youtu.be

    shot with a little Sony HXR -NX 30 brilliant little Cam

    Cheers from NZ

  2. Great video Mike… Andrew was home and he loved it.. thought the helicopter’s were great and I loved the jet. 🙂 ‘Big toys for big boys’.. LOL

  3. Wonderful video work Mike. We’ve occasionally seen them flying in the valley on our way home at weekends. My mind boggles at the work which went into building the multicopters. My favourite was the triplane….either it or the operator made it appear more realistic at takeoff…..some of the others seemed to rocket up almost vertically. What sort of money is required to build one of these ‘toys’.

    I’ve been thoroughly entertained. Thank you.

    • Thanks Ian. The triplane had larger wheels than most of the others which would have made it not quite so bouncy on the ground, but I guess the takeoff angle is down to how the operator wants to fly it. They seem to have way more power than is needed to get off the ground.

      I think the more elaborate models might cost between $2K to $5K including a decent radio.

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