Nov 242013

M20131124101901-webThe Bruce highway was closed for several hours last night for the installation of the main span of a new pedestrian bridge at Anderson Road, Cairns South.  This work is part of the Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade that includes 2 new overpasses to improve traffic flow to the south of the city.

Since this was just around the corner from home, we decided to join the crowd watching and grab some video and pictures.

The workers initially had some trouble with the rear drive wheels slipping due to the light rain. They solved the problem by having one of the cranes add extra traction by towing it.

I’ve condensed the 4 hour process into a short 3 minute video.

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  1. But what if you can’t chuck a rope up that high and who’s going to catch it?

  2. Great camera work(again ) be a bugger to push the shopping trolley over. Music could have been bridge over troubled water. Good work Mike

  3. As mum says… very impressive… still would hate the walk up to the top and back down the other side with an armful of groceries….is that stairs or a ladder..? hehehehe.

  4. Nice video…..but choice of music?????

    • You weren’t around to write me something. 🙂

      As I explained to someone elsewhere:

      Choosing music for these things is so tricky. There are thousands of free music tracks out there, but 99.999999999999% of them are useless in any context. Of the remaining, there might be one or 2 that nicely fit any particular video.

      The problem is finding them.

      Usually, by the time I’m choosing music, it’s late and I only have a few minutes to audition tracks. So what I do is sort the ones I already have on my computer by length and preview about 30 or so that fit the length of the video. This means I’m missing a lot of potential tracks that may be better.

  5. very impressive, but why would anyone want to WALK across the highway at that point?

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