Jul 272012

July 2012 This release addresses a bug in V1.9.4 where the database could become corrupted if more than one song was deleted at one time. It’s very important that all users of Digital Fake Book update as soon as possible. As usual, make sure you have saved a backup of your songs before updating in […]

Jul 032012
IOS - Integrated Operating System

It occurred to me recently that I created iOS long before Apple came up with the idea. Admittedly, mine was for a much larger device and for a much smaller distribution. A distribution of one system. In 1993 my boss built a rather nice new house, and I thought of a great project to incorporate […]

Jun 252012
Cairns Model Aero Club

My friend Simon likes to fly model helicopters, and the club he belongs to had an open day last Saturday. Several members form the Mareeba club also made the trip down to Cairns for the day.   Here’s a short video I put together from the hour or so of footage I shot on the […]

Jun 152012

June 2012 Oops! I just discovered a bug in 1.9.3 released yesterday. The new text highlighting feature introduced a situation that could occasionally cause Digital Fake Book to become unresponsive when a button was clicked. Sorry about that. Programmers make the worst testers of our own software. If anyone wants to volunteer as a beta […]

Jun 142012

June 2012 I’ve just released an update to my freeware program Digital Fake Book. This release addresses the bugs I’m aware of, adds any new feature requests that don’t require major redesign, and adds a number of small cosmetic and usability enhancements. Version 1.9.3 1.9.4 Main Changes: The metronome has been redesigned. It’s now built […]

Jun 062012

I set up my camera and timer this morning in the hope of getting a sequence of frames to make a video of Venus transiting the sun. Unfortunately, since I had to work, I kept forgetting to go out and adjust the position to keep the sun in the frame. As a result, I didn’t […]

Apr 092012

The alarm went off. Morning already? 4:30am. Time to grab some toast and coffee before packing the photo gear into the car. We were about to drive to Daintree and Cape Tribulation, about two and a half hours north of home. We hadn’t been there for over a year, and since we had a free […]

Apr 062012
Welcome Swallows

Today, we visited the Barron River at Kamerunga, looking for a crocodile that had been reported in the area. Unfortunately,  it was nowhere to be seen, but I did manage to shoot some Welcome Swallows that are nesting in the area. If you watch closely five seconds from the start, you will see a swallow […]

Mar 252012
Skyrail - Day 2

Our first trip on Skyrail shooting aerial footage of the Barron Falls was successful, even though there was mist on the falls making some of the shots less than ideal. A week later, we had a beautiful, sunny day and Louise and Evan guided us on another trip in the open air gondola. I ended […]

Mar 182012
Skyrail - Day 1

In order to obtain some aerial footage for the Barron River documentary I approached Skyrail for help. We will need to shoot on a few different occasions in order to show different states of the Barron Falls, the river and the rainforest. On Saturday we did the first shoot to capture wet season flooding. I can’t […]