Dec 252017
Panasonic AG-UX180 Review

In Brief This review may be too long for some people to read in detail so in a nutshell, my opinion is that the AG-UX180 is a very capable HD camera with an amazing array of features that also happens to do quite a reasonable job at UHD and 4K, albeit with a reduced feature […]

Dec 252017
The Barron River Revisited

I’ve been going through a difficult time over the last few years, but most of that is behind me now. So now it’s time to get back to my Barron River documentary. I’ve set up a Facebook page and website devoted to the documentary and will be getting back into filming as time allows. Due […]

Aug 122016
Digital Fake Book - Version 2 Beta

There have been some major changes in my life over the last couple of years and work on Digital Fake Book had come to a standstill, but over the last few months I’ve been working on version 2 as time has allowed. I’ve decided to skip some of the planned features for the moment in […]

Nov 142014
Panasonic HC-X1000 User Manual

The new HC-X1000, from Panasonic is a camcorder with an impressive set of features for the price. The headline feature is the ability to shoot 4K at 50p and 60p. Having such a high resolution sensor means that when scaled to HD, it produces a very sharp image. For me, this ticks many boxes for […]

Oct 192014

This is an update about the status of version 2 of Digital Fake Book.  Normally, I wouldn’t post anything until a new version is ready, but I have mentioned in email replies to several people in the last month or so that a new version was imminent. Because the new (unnamed) program I’ve been working […]

Sep 152014
Lake Mitchell With a Sony HXR-NX3

A friend loaned me his Sony HXR-NX3 for the weekend and I put it though it’s paces at Lake Mitchell, just north of Mareeba. The NX3 has a 20x zoom lens coupled with a 2x digital extender that’s great for wildlife. I was just starting to get used to using it by the time we […]

May 242014
Noeline Warren's Watercolours

The gallery below is a small sample of some of the watercolour paintings my mother used to create through the late 1990s and early 2000s.   She’s now in her 80s and finds it a bit difficult to paint so has stopped. I used to enjoy seeing her latest creations when visiting.  

May 072014
Lulu - 9 October 1999 - 7 May 2014

Today we lost a great friend and family member.   Lulu had a wonderful life and was almost completely without sickness until near the end. She loved simple things like running on the beach or taking a walk with us. Dinner time was always a source of great excitement. Seeing her dance around in anticipation […]

Mar 312014
Ravenshoe Heritage Steam Railway

On Sunday we travelled to Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tableland to take a trip on the Ravenshoe Heritage Steam Railway This steam train, lovingly restored and operated by a team of local volunteers, makes a leisurely 7 km trip from Ravenshoe to Tumoulin most Sundays. One of the ways funds are raised to keep the […]

Mar 072014
Panasonic AJ-PX270 User Manual

The Panasonc AJ-PX270 is currently top of my list. I’m looking forward to seeing some footage from it to see if the picture quality lives up to the listed specs. In particular, the LongG25 and LongG50 formats look like an excellent compromise between quality and file size. The only real down side of this camera […]