Jul 142020
New Studio Build - 2020

Two years ago I bought a new (old) house and have been using a small spare bedroom as my studio. I’m now converting the carport into my new studio and building a store room on the side of the house. Twenty years ago I converted the carport in my old house into a studio and […]

Dec 252017
Panasonic AG-UX180 Review

In Brief This review may be too long for some people to read in detail so in a nutshell, my opinion is that the AG-UX180 is a very capable HD camera with an amazing array of features that also happens to do quite a reasonable job at UHD and 4K, albeit with a reduced feature […]

Dec 252017
The Barron River Revisited

I’ve been going through a difficult time over the last few years, but most of that is behind me now. So now it’s time to get back to my Barron River documentary. I’ve set up a Facebook page and website devoted to the documentary and will be getting back into filming as time allows. Due […]

Aug 122016
Digital Fake Book - Version 2 Beta

There have been some major changes in my life over the last couple of years and work on Digital Fake Book had come to a standstill, but over the last few months I’ve been working on version 2 as time has allowed. I’ve decided to skip some of the planned features for the moment in […]

Nov 142014
Panasonic HC-X1000 User Manual

The new HC-X1000, from Panasonic is a camcorder with an impressive set of features for the price. The headline feature is the ability to shoot 4K at 50p and 60p. Having such a high resolution sensor means that when scaled to HD, it produces a very sharp image. For me, this ticks many boxes for […]

Oct 192014

This is an update about the status of version 2 of Digital Fake Book.  Normally, I wouldn’t post anything until a new version is ready, but I have mentioned in email replies to several people in the last month or so that a new version was imminent. Because the new (unnamed) program I’ve been working […]

Sep 152014
Lake Mitchell With a Sony HXR-NX3

A friend loaned me his Sony HXR-NX3 for the weekend and I put it though it’s paces at Lake Mitchell, just north of Mareeba. The NX3 has a 20x zoom lens coupled with a 2x digital extender that’s great for wildlife. I was just starting to get used to using it by the time we […]

May 242014
Noeline Warren's Watercolours

The gallery below is a small sample of some of the watercolour paintings my mother used to create through the late 1990s and early 2000s.   She’s now in her 80s and finds it a bit difficult to paint so has stopped. I used to enjoy seeing her latest creations when visiting.  

May 072014
Lulu - 9 October 1999 - 7 May 2014

Today we lost a great friend and family member.   Lulu had a wonderful life and was almost completely without sickness until near the end. She loved simple things like running on the beach or taking a walk with us. Dinner time was always a source of great excitement. Seeing her dance around in anticipation […]

Mar 312014
Ravenshoe Heritage Steam Railway

On Sunday we travelled to Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tableland to take a trip on the Ravenshoe Heritage Steam Railway This steam train, lovingly restored and operated by a team of local volunteers, makes a leisurely 7 km trip from Ravenshoe to Tumoulin most Sundays. One of the ways funds are raised to keep the […]